What are the necessary Diamond Painting Tools?

Some tools are necessary to paint your diamonds on the canvas. They are:

Diamond Painting Pen - It's used to pick up the diamonds from the tray and place them in their designated place on the canvas.

Diamond Painting Wax - We have to dip the pen in the wax pad to be able to pick the diamonds with the pen. A diamond painting pen is not able to pick up the diamonds without the wax.

Diamond Trays - Diamonds are so small that they can't be just poured anywhere and pick them from there to place on the canvas. There are special trays for these diamonds. Some diamonds are poured into the tray, then the tray is shaken to organize the diamonds, and then they are picked with the pen.

Tweezers - If a diamond needs to be taken off from the sticky canvas, we need tweezers.

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